OG Omega-3 Plus - we say thank you. I’ll only speak for myself, although I have talked to others that have had as good or even better results than me and are enjoying the benefits or using OG Omega 3 Plus.

Personally, I have survived through and from cancer and more recently a massive heart
failure (BEFORE OG OMEGA 3 Plus). It was shortly after the heart failure event that my friend suggested I use OG Omega 3 Plus and see if it would improve my health. Well, since then, I have stopped many of the prescription drugs and heart medication and today I feel very good. I noticed that my entire plumbing system is working very well (thank you Jesus) I will continue using OG Omega 3 Plus and appreciate all the research and info that has been done to help people like me.

Best regards and God Bless

J Green (Age 73)

In 2001 I had a stent placed in one of the main arteries at my heart. In 2002 I had a quadruple bi- pass and found out that I had heart disease that was labeled systemic. That of course meant that the arteries by my heart were not my only problem, but that I had plaque everywhere in my body. In 2002 my 3 main arteries were 98% clogged, my aorta was 33 %, my carotid arteries were between 15 and 18%, that was in 2010. They gave me 10-15 years to live. To make a long story short, I made some life style changes and one of them was taking OG Omega 3 oil. I faithfully took it and continue to do so. Now here is my testimony: about 4 years ago I snapped one of the wires in my chest that was used to put my rib cage back together after surgery. The thoracic surgeon said I would have to go through a rather rigorous amount of testing to see if I was strong enough to endure the surgery. I did and one of the test results that came back from my echo-cardiogram was that my carotid arteries, in his words, “were as clean as a whistle.” For someone with a systemic disease this is not possible.

I will continue to remain faithful regarding OG Omega 3 oil

John D (Age 65)